Is THC legal in Georgia? All You Need to Know

Posted by Team DMV on Dec 3rd 2023

Is THC legal in Georgia? All You Need to Know

Did you know Georgia may be the first US state to legalize medical cannabis sales in pharmacies? The Georgia Board of Pharmacy has been accepting applications, and over a hundred pharmacies have agreed to provide medication from Botanical Sciences, a licensed production company. While it may take a while before medical cannabis is available in pharmacies (that too, only after the board inspects and grants approval), it seems like Georgia THC laws are about to change.

The Existing Position of Cannabis in Georgia

Georgians with approval from a medical professional to treat severe problems like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Parkinson’s, seizures, and terminal cancers, can get medical low THC oil. This product cannot contain more than 5% THC by weight, the chemical that gets a user high, and the amount of oil can not exceed 20 fluid ounces.

So, if you ask, “Is THC legal in Georgia?” the answer is yes, but only as long as the criteria are met. Another criterion is the possession of a Georgia Low THC Registry Card. You cannot get the oil without it.

Are THC Gummies Legal in Georgia?

No, Georgian cannabis law has more limitations than other states. The sale or possession of cannabis in leaf form is illegal, and likewise is any food or supplementary product infused with low THC oil. According to the law, any unauthorized individual possessing any other form of cannabis violates state and federal law.

The Low THC Oil Card does not authorize the public to possess THC products or physicians to prescribe cannabis for medical use. This card is designed only to safeguard qualified persons from criminal prosecution for possessing low-THC oil for medicinal reasons.

What is the Georgia Low THC Oil Registry Card, and Who is it for?

This card, as you may have already understood, is a legal authorization for a select few to possess low THC oil. Three types of people can apply for it. They are:

  • An adult with one or more cannabis-law-specified diseases
  • The legal guardians of an adult with one or more cannabis-law-specified diseases
  • The legal guardians or parents of a minor with one or more cannabis-law-specified diseases

What Are the Steps to Get a Low THC Oil Registry Card?

Step 1:

Any patient or caregiver of the patient who thinks they are eligible should talk to their physician about getting a Low THC oil Card that allows them to possess 20 fluid ounces of low THC oil in the state.

Step 2:

Only upon approval from the physician, the individual’s information will be put into DPH’s Low THC Oil Registry, followed by issuing a Low THC Oil Card.

Step 3:

The individual will receive a notification when the card is ready for pickup, usually within 15 business days, from a nearby public health office that distributes these cards.

Step 4:

In case the individual is unable to go, they can authorize someone else to pick up the card from the health office on their behalf with a signed authorization form.

The card costs $25 and is valid for two years, after which the cardholder must consult with their physician again about the continued eligibility.

Final Words

There you have it: an in-depth discussion on the legality of THC in Georgia. The good news is that THC may become legal in Georgia, becoming accessible to more people than ever. Stay tuned for more information on cannabis. Also, check our blog post “Is CBD legal in Georgia 2023?” if you prefer CBD over THC.