Discrete Disposables (Smaller Devices)

Some people prefer long-lasting disposable vapes, and others enjoy smaller devices that they can use discreetly. No matter what your preferences are, you’ll always find the best disposable vapes in Atlanta at Deliver My Vapes. On this page, you’ll find our selection of mini vapes. These are devices that you can easily carry in your pocket and wrap your entire hand around. Buy now and enjoy next-day delivery in the Atlanta metro area. Our friendly Brand Ambassadors are standing by and ready to fulfill your order.

Why Buy a Discreet Disposable Vape?

There’s an extremely high demand for the smallest disposable vapes because many people don’t want to carry devices that feel like bricks in their pockets. You want to use a vape that can travel anywhere with you, and a mini vape is small enough to carry in your pocket even when you’re wearing your skinny jeans.

Small disposable vapes are also ideal for you if you want to vape without drawing a great deal of attention to yourself. You might be the type of person who wants to take a discreet puff here and there – and if that’s the case, you might want a device that isn’t brightly colored or lit. With a discreet vape, you can close your entire hand around your device while using it, ensuring that you’ll enjoy complete privacy.